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Why DEMCiflex?

Most computer users do some type of maintenance on the software side of their systems like regular anti-virus and other software updates. Unfortunately the same does not apply to the hardware side. Components maybe upgraded from time to time but keeping those components working optimally is very often neglected.
The number one enemy of your system’s hardware is undoubtedly the buildup of dust in and around these components as it will inhibit it’s ability to be properly cooled and thus the working and life span of these components will be compromised.
When considering fitting dust filters to your computer to protect it, there is a number of factors to consider and some questions to ask. These include:
• What is the filter's ability to stop dust effectively without negatively influencing airflow?
• How easy is the filter to fit?
• How easy is the filter to clean? This might have to be daily, depending on its location
• Is it reusable?
• Is the filter able to be used on any shape and size air intake (fanned or unfanned) and on uneven surfaces?
• Does it have a warning system to remind the user when to clean the filter?

There are factors like aesthetics and unobtrusiveness but when considering the filter's primary function, the above mentioned points are the main factors to take into account. Let's explore these and others, further.

• DEMCiflex Air Filters for Computer and other Electronics has only one thin layer of filtering mesh to maximize the airflow to dust caught, ratio. It offers the least resistance to airflow and cause less turbulence than any of the other materials used in computer air filters. This ensures that high air flow and supply is maintained while filtering out the harmful dust and debris.
Air inside a foam filter, for instance, has to pass several elements inside the foam, causing the flow of air to be disrupted more severely causing dramatically inhibited airflow.

• DEMCiflex Computer and Electronic Dust Fan filters are by far the easiest to use of all the filters available today. You do not need tools, screws or glue to fit and maintain these filters as it fits to the case by way of a built-in magnetic frame. This ensures that these filters can be easily fitted anywhere on the case, not necessarily where fans are situated, and just as easily removed, cleaned and refitted.

• For PC dust filters to perform at it's best, it has to be kept clean. Blocked filters will impede the cooling of your machine. That is why it has to be easy and quick to clean. DEMCiflex Filters can be
cleaned and replaced in less than a minute. Simply remove the filter by hand and wipe the dust and dirt off using your hand or a soft brush. We recognize that most computer users are far more interested in what they are busy with on their monitors than what is going on inside their computer's cases and although these filters are super easy and quick to clean, this is often overlooked. For this reason we developed Filter Alarm Software that is free to download from this site. Once installed this small program can be set to your conditions to alert you to clean your filters.

For Non-Ferrous cases like acrylic or aluminum, we supply you with a magnetic
peel and stick frame that fits to the case where the filter needs to be fitted. Your DEMCiflex Air Filter will fit to this frame.

• The filter material used in DEMCiflex Computer and Electronic Dust is a high precision medical grade synthetic mesh. The openings in the mesh are all exactly the same size to ensure that all particles above 100 micron and bigger, are kept out. Foam filters on the other hand have random sized openings that will let through dust particles of various sizes.
DEMCiflex has a low profile one-piece design that is meant to be unobtrusive.

• The mesh is available in black and in white, depending on your preference.

• The mesh is extremely durable and can be washed with water and soap if it becomes dirty over time.

• As computer and electronics cases are so different, DEMCiflex can be made in any size shape or colour. It can be made in any configuration like 2x120mm or 3x 80mm or any other custom configuration you might need. Please see our custom filters section.

• DEMCiflex is flexible so it can be fitted to uneven surfaces without any problem.

• By fitting DEMCiflex Fan filters you will extend the lifespan of all the electrical and mechanical components of your PC and optimize its performance.

• DEMCiflex will help protect your cooling fans against dust build-up and will extend its lifespan significantly. It will also minimize fan noise as a result of dust build-up.

• DEMCiflex will save on your electricity bill. Cooler running computers use less energy and is thus more eco-friendly than otherwise. If you run a host of computers and peripheral devices the savings made on your power bill, may be more than expected if calculated over a period of time.

• DEMCiflex is easy to clean and dust can be reached from both sides of the filtering element.

• Free Filter Alarm SoftwareLess time will be spent on cleaning of your unit is download-able from this site to remind you when the filter needs cleaning.


  • The life span of the hardware in your unit will be maximized
  • Fitting and maintaining is very easy. No glue, screws or tools needed
  • Performance of your unit will be optimized
  • The unit will be less noisy
  • Maintenance cost on your unit will be minimized dramatically
  • Cooler units use less electricity


DEMCIflex Computer Air Filters not only protect your PC and other electronic equipment but help to make our planet a better place to live on in the following ways:

• Because cooler running components are more energy efficient your computer will work faster over longer periods, using less energy.

• Tons of components end up in incinerators and landfills each year. This waste often contains substances that are toxic to the environment. Using DEMCiflex will extend the lifespan of all components inside your computers case and this will result in keeping cyber waste down.


We are so confident that DEMCiflex Computer and Electronic Dust Filters will be the best Electronics Dust Filter that you can get that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. Return it in its original packaging within 7 days of purchase and we will refund you in full.