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Sliger Computer Case  Dust Filters

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Dust build up inside your computer case is one of the main reasons why it gets sluggish and components fail as this prevents the proper cooling of it's components.

DEMCiflex magnetic dust filters are designed to stop dust getting inside your computer case so it can operate as it did when it was new. Preventing dust entering the case will not only optimize your computer(or any other electronic device's) performance but maximize its life span.

These filters fit to the outside of your case magnetically,(even on non-ferrous/metalic cases) making it easy to fit and clean.

DEMCiflex dust filter's low profile design (<2mm) are available in any shape, size and color to protect your PC, MAC or electronic equipment at home, office/workshop and outdoors.

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No minimum order quantity (even on custom filters) and ships globally.

If you do not find the size or shaped filter that you need, please contact us at info@demcifilter.com so we can custom make filters to your specification. 

Tell us what cases you would like to see featured on our site and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. Mail us at info@demcifilter.com