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How it Works

DEMCiflex Computer and Electronic Dust Filters fits over the air intakes of your electronic or computer equipment by way of a built-in magnetic frame. It was designed to fit on the outside of the case and needs no screws, tools or special skills. The design allows everybody to use it no matter what their skill level. No need to open the case or undo anything at all.

The intake vents we refer to are the grills or ventilation holes in your computer's case where cooling air enters the case. Some of these vents may have fans mounted behind it to direct the airflow in any specific direction and others are unfanned.

Dust can however enter the case through a myriad of other openings in the case, such as Optical Drives, USB and other ports that will be very hard to filter. The solution is in setting up your system to be positive pressure and to filter the intakes. In short this means that more air must enter the case where it can be filtered so that the higher pressure inside the case will leak out of every crack and port in the casing so stopping dust from entering there. To read about how to achieve this please see our section on performance/positive pressure.

DEMCiflex Computer Air Filters fits by way of a magnetic frame that is part of its structural design. This would adhere directly to the case and in the event that the case is non-ferrous (it has no iron in it's composition so that a magnet is not attracted to it) we supply you with a peel and stick magnetic frame (optional extra) that is fitted onto your PC case, around the air intake area. DEMCiflex Dust Filter will attach to this frame, making it easy to remove and clean when necessary. The mesh used for filtering is a very durable high precision medical grade mesh. 

Here are some filter monitoring software to help you on when to clean your filters.


The mesh that acts as filter will separate dust and debris from the cooling air without adversely affecting or restricting the air flow.

DEMCiflex filter thickness(height) is less than 2mm (1.9mm approx) and if combined with the extra magnet for non-ferrous surfaces it is  less than 2.5mm(2.4mm approx).


This thickness stays the same regardless of the size of the filter.


Filter material is approx. 0.1mm thick.


• Fitting DEMCiflex PC Dust Filters over exhaust vents.
• Expose DEMCiflex PC Dust Filters to permanent/strong magnets as this will demagnetize the built-in magnet or weaken it. Exessive heat will tend to do the same.
• Do not bend DEMCiflex PC Dust Filter sharply as this might cause creases in the mesh that will be difficult to remove.


The extra magnets or ferrous tape that is supplied with the filters (optional extra) are for use on non-ferrous cases like those made of aluminium or acrylics. If the area where you want to fit the filter or the casing of your equipment is non-ferrous, please make sure to include these in your filter order by choosing non-ferrous in the dropdown list next to the image of the filter. Most distributors will include and send it as a unit, but make sure when you place your order.

To fit the extra magnet/ferrous tape to your case please follow these easy steps:


You may ask why not just stick the filter to the case? The reason is that DEMCiflex Dust Filters are re-usable and it was designed to make cleaning of the filter as easy as possible as this operation could be more frequent than expected, depending on its location and conditions.

The filters have magnetic poles, so if you are using round filters, please note that the poles should line up as shown in the image below: