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If you have a service contract that covers maintenance, consult with your provider to have your computer professionally cleaned. Otherwise, follow these steps.

Check your owner's manual. If the manufacturer has provided specific instructions, follow them.
Get any supplies you might need: a can of compressed air, Endust for Electronics or any household plastic or metal cleaning fluid, a soft brush (such as a paintbrush) and an anti-static rag, plus a dust mask if you're allergic to dust.
Shut down the computer.
Leave the computer plugged into the surge suppressor but have the power off.
Disconnect all peripherals from the computer.
Remove the computer cover (see your owner's manual for instructions).
Ground yourself to the computer with any professional grounding equipment you have. Otherwise, ground yourself by touching a metal part of the chassis.
Spray compressed air over the fan blades, power supply chassis, drive chassis and circuit boards. Be sure to stop the fan blades from spinning while blowing compressed air over it. This can be done with a toothpick. Blow as much dust out of the PSU as possible. Do not open unless you are familiar with the dangers and precautions needed.
Gently brush off dust that the forced air didn't dislodge.
Brush any remaining dust out from the bottom of the chassis.
Wipe the inside and outside of the cover thoroughly.
Replace the cover and reconnect the peripherals.
Place filter over air intakes.


The only maintenance that your DEMCiflex Dust Filters need is cleaning. Depending on how dirty the filter is, different methods may be used.

Please check the filters on a regular basis to ensure that it stays clean, as dirty filters will hamper airflow.
Remove the filter from the case by hand and lay it down on a flat surface.
Remove dust and dirt by gently brushing it clean by either using your hand or a soft brush.
If the filter becomes excessively dirty, use a bit of soapy water and a soft brush to wash it while it is laid down on a flat surface.
Rinse the soap out with cold water under a slow running tap. Do not use hot water as it may cause the filter to delaminate.
Again lay the filter flat on some absorbent material like such as towel paper and pat dry from the top.
Make sure the filter is completely dry before refitting it to your computer.

If the instructions above are followed carefully your DEMCiflex Filter will be as good as new.