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Laptop Dust Filters

Laptop computers are notoriously difficult to clean as all the parts are hidden inside and special skills are needed to open and clean them. Combine this with the fact that these computers can be used outside or in other dusty environments then the  problem just becomes worse.  That is why dust is probably the no 1 killer of laptops.

DEMCiflex Laptop Filters  were designed to be used when you have no choice but to use your laptop in a less than clean environment. These filters are universal and fit most
laptop computers available today.


DEMCiflex filters for laptops are disposable filters with a peel-and-stick        
foam frame, as opposed to the current DEMCifilters with a magnetic
frame for computer and electronic devices. This ensures that the filter will stay put as you move the laptop computer when you use it.

Same quality medical grade mesh to keep dust out of your device,
without affecting the airflow.

O/D 67mm x 67mm (I/D 55mm x 55mm)
Less than 3mm thick
Extremely lightweight

To be fitted over intake vents on laptops.

DEMCiflex laptop filters will be stuck to the intake vent at the bottom of your laptop.
Please see examples below.

• Remove the paper at the back of the filter.

• Position the filter over the intake vent at the bottom of your laptop.

• Press lightly to ensure the filter sticks to the surface.

• Dust filter off with soft brush when enough dust has started to accumulate.

• Remove filter when it gets clogged, and is no longer usable.

• Replace with new filter.


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