How to Choose

DEMCiflex Computer and Electronic Dust Fan filters is available in an array of choices. This is divided into the following categories.

Standard Filters - Filters designed to fit all standard sized fans. Various sizes and shapes.

Square Filters - Filters that is square in shape and is available in different sizes.

Rectangular Filters - Filters that is rectangular in shape and is available in different sizes.

Round Filters - Filters that is round in shape and is available in different sizes.

Filters for your computer - Filters designed as a kit to fit your case specifically. All different manufacturers and models of cases. This section will constantly be updated as new cases appear on the market. Feel free to request filters for your case if you do not see it displayed in our catalogue.

Custom Filters - This section allows you to design filters to fit your exact needs. Filters designed by you to any specification that you may require in any shape, colour and size.

All DEMCiflex Filters may be ordered in a variety of frame
colours with either black or white filtering mesh.

So which one is for me? Consider the following, then decide.

1. Determine where the air intake vents on the unit are situated. All intake vents should be filtered. Click 
here for instructions.

2. Measure the length and width of the air intake vents. Measure the distances 1 (O/D) & 2 (I/D) shown in the figure below. The minimum frame size is 10mm. This has to do with the structural integrity of the filter. Sometimes it will be better to choose a bigger sized filter to make sure that all the holes around a fan is covered.

3. Choose a filter from the 
Product Page that corresponds to your measurements or go to Custom Filters to order your exact requirements. All filter's sizes are indicated under "SPECS" on the order page of the specific filter. 

4. Determine if the area where the filter is needed is ferrous or non-ferrous. Ferrous cases contain iron (Fe) and magnets will be attracted to it. Non-ferrous cases are made of substances like aluminium and acrylics. Magnets will not hold to these so you will have to indicate "non-ferrous" from the dropdown list when you place an order. These filters come with an extra magnetic frame/ ferrous tape that must be peeled and stuck to the case around the intake vent that needs to be filtered. The filter will adhre to this magnetically.

5. Install the free Filter Alarm software that can be downloaded. Keep an eye on the filters to determine how regularly it needs cleaning. Set the alarm accordingly. 

6. Please click 
here for instructions on how to clean your DEMCiflex filter.

Quick Guide on How to Choose

1. Choose Shape
2. Choose Size
3. Choose Frame colour
4. Choose Mesh colour 
5. Choose Ferrous or Non-ferrous
6. Click "Add to Cart" and follow the checkout process. 


Although DEMCiflex Dust Filters are mainly used for keeping dust out of computer equipment,
it may be used to protect all electronic devices from the ingress of dust and dirt.

These include:


  • Computers, UPS's and printers
  • Telecommunication devices and cabinets
  • Any size U rack mounted modules and cabinets
  • Audio-visual devices and studio equipment
  • Projectors and cinema equipment
  • Home and professional sound equipment
  • Televisions and home entertainment devices
  • Satellite Decoders
  • All industrial electronic equipment like CNC controllers, laser cutters/engravers, chillers etc.
  • All electronic laboratory equipment
  • Welding equipment like Inverters, Mig, Tig and laser equipment
  • Medical electronic equipment
  • Base station amplifiers and receivers
  • Household and workshop electronic devices and equipment
  • Many more...